Play Therapy

Play Therapy is the therapeutic use of play and expressive arts. It is a form of psychotherapy / counselling that facilitates expression through creative media. There are many people who may not readily have words to explain their circumstances, feelings and reasons behind their behaviour. For such individuals, it can be easier to express themselves through creative media and play.

Play Therapy offers a space to freely express difficult feelings without a need for explanation. The therapeutic space provides emotional support during times of stress, offering a safe place to make sense of difficult events. The therapist offers a wide selection of creative resources and materials from which clients can choose. These include art materials, sand play, clay, miniature figures, musical instruments, books, drama and movement props. 

What reasons are there to attend play therapy?

Play therapy has been proven to be effective in addressing a wide range of concerns including the following: anxiety, stress, loss or bereavement, aggression, low mood, self-harm, socially withdrawn, low self-confidence, difficulties in concentration / attention, social skills concerns, changing family circumstances. This list is not exhaustive.

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Play therapy groups usually occur within school settings. Such a group will typically consist of 4 to 6 participants, attending once a week for 8 weeks. Small groups are very effective for addressing issues such as: friendship, self image & identity, anger management & conflict resolution, managing stress & anxiety, confidence building & assertiveness, social skills & pro-social behaviour. This list is not exhaustive, so just let me know if you have a particular topic in mind. Topics/issues are presented and worked through using a combination of games, creative activities, story telling and role play.