Expressive Therapy

An alternative to 'talk therapy'

Non-verbal therapies are the most effective approach to access the unconscious in order to heal and develop the inner self. Each therapy session is an opportunity to make sense of your world through a variety of mediums such as clay, collage, story-telling, paint, music, movement, symbols or otherwise. All of these mediums are forms of 'Expressive Arts'. Likewise, Sand-Story Therapy and Play Therapy are forms of Expressive Arts Therapies. 

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Grounded in ongoing neuroscientific research

Studies in neuroscience highlight play as an essential element for optimal biological functioning. Interpersonal neurobiology explains how play is crucial for developing and maintaining a nervous system that can respond to the ups and downs of life. Expressive arts include a wide variety of mediums 

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Quality Assurance of Therapy Practice

As a member of the Irish Play Therapy Community Association (IPTCA), my practice is bound by Professional Guidelines and a Code of Ethics. A copy of those principles and framework are available to read and/or download on the following IPTCA's webpage:

My clinical work is maintained by way of regular clinical supervision and my practice is insured by the Psychologists Protection Society (PPS). In the event that you are unhappy with the service you receive, please discuss this with first. If you feel unable to do so or do not receive satisfactory resolution,  then you have the right to submit a complaint to my professional organization (IPTCA). Please refer to their website for further details.

client-centred, evidence-based, grounded in neuroscience, holistic, non-judgemental, non-pathologizing, trauma-informed