An alternative to 'talk therapy'.

Non-verbal therapies are the most effective approach to access the unconscious in order to heal and develop the inner self. 

Each therapy session is an opportunity to make sense of your world through a variety of mediums such as clay, collage, story-telling, paint, music, movement, or symbols. 

Play is seriously good for you, whether it is painting, composing, moulding, exploring, or simply imagining. 

Studies in neuroscience highlight play as an essential element for optimal biological functioning. Interpersonal neurobiology explains how play is crucial for developing and maintaining a nervous system that can respond to the ups and downs of life.

Quality Assurance of Therapy Practice

As a member of PlayTherapy Ireland (PTIrl), Marie adheres to international standards and an ethical framework. Her clinical work is maintained by way of regular clinical supervision. She is professionally insured by the Psychologists Protection Society (PPS) and has undergone background checks conducted by the National Vetting Bureau of the Garda Síochána and the ACRO Criminal Records Office, UK. Her practice is registered with the Professional Standards Authority (PSA): a UK monitoring body for Health and social care professions.