Sand-Story Therapy®

Sand-Story Therapy® is an effective combination of Storytelling, Sandplay and Sandtray Therapy. Stories or scenes are created either through the client’s own ideas, or the therapist may offer suggestions based on their knowledge of the client. 

Marie Farinas Badge Registered SandStory Therapist

The medium of sand presents a grounded space for the conscious mind to communicate with your unconscious. It can be described as accessing your psyche. Making our thoughts and conversations tangible, on a platform of sand allows for us to 'play-out' our experiences, without relying on the actual words or speech. The placement of objects in the sand engages all our senses: it is a natural meditative process allowing us to experience neurophysiological change. From this integrated state of body and mind arises intuitive insights and awareness.

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client-centred, evidence-based, grounded in neuroscience, holistic, non-judgemental, non-pathologizing, trauma-informed